Tenancy Application Terms and Conditions


1. This information collects personal information about you.
2. This information is being collected by the Landlord or its agent whose address is shown at the bottom of the page.
3. This intended recipient of this information is the Landlord or its agent referred to over the page or the owner of the property.
4. The information is also required; so that we can check the information you give us with other Owners/Landlords/Rental Managers/Security checks and assess your merit as a Tenant.
5. If you do not provide all of the information requested you might not be regarded as the best applicant for the property/properties offered.
6. If you sign a Tenancy Agreement with Real Estate New Zealand, we will keep a record of the information you give us.
7. You have the right to check on the information we hold about you and to have it corrected if it is wrong.
8. If you do not sign a Tenancy Agreement with Real Estate New Zealand- ashburton, the information you give us will be destroyed after 3 months.
9. This information is also required to assess whether you are a minor and able to enter a Tenancy Agreement without approval of the Tenancy Tribunal.



1. I declare that the “Cautions and Information Drawn to your Attention in Terms of the Private Act” portion of the Tenancy Application Form above was drawn to my attention before I submitted the form myself.

2. I consent to the Landlord or its agent contacting my references that I have recorded on this form to check on any details that have provided.

3. I agree that the Landlord or its agent may use any information provided in this form to enforce any judgment or money order against me.

4. I declare that all details contained in the “Tenancy Application From” are true and correct. If found to be untrue, incorrect or it differs in any anyway from the sign up date of my tenancy agreement I am aware my application and proposed tenancy agreement may be unconditionally withdrawn at the sole discretion of the Landlord or its agent .

5. I agree unconditionally that the landlord can obtain other information about me, do inspections of the property I rent without my presence and take photos.

6. To secure a rental property I wish to rent I agree to pay Real Estate New Zealand a non-refundable week’s rent which will secure the property for me/us and then will be put towards rent when my tenancy begins. If I cancel this verbal agreement and no longer wish to rent the property, I will need to give a 21 days’ notice in writing which is equivalent to 3 weeks rent as per the RTA.

7. I agree that on inspection of the rental property I wish to secure I will unreservedly have checked and approved as to the insulation, heating and requirements of the property are unconditionally suitable for me and if I am accepted I will be required to pay prior to the start of the tenancy, two weeks initial rent, and a bond of not less that the equivalent of four week’s rent.

8. I declare that this authority cannot subsequently be cancelled by me without the approval of the landlord or its agent.

9. If it is found that any additional people or tenant(s) that I may/or may not ask to be written into my tenancy agreement not be on this application form when I go to sign up the Tenancy Agreement Real Estate New Zealand, the landlord or its agent can cancel the signing up of the tenancy agreement at their sole discretion.

10. PLEASE NOTE: A separate completed application form is required by all parties who propose to enter a tenancy agreement with us.

11. Tenant/s agrees to keep the lawn, gardens and small shrubs in a neat and tidy condition.

12. Garden rubbish, pet droppings and lawn clippings are to be taken off site. Smoking is not permitted inside any buildings.

13. Household rubbish is to be put out each week using council bags. Parking on the lawns is NOT permitted at any time.

14. I give full authority to dispose of any rubbish or belongings left on the property after the end date of my tenancy at my cost entirely

15. Heat pump filter is to be cleaned monthly by gently vacuuming or washing the filters.

16. The carpets will have been commercially cleaned prior to the start of my tenancy. I will therefore commercially clean the carpets on or before the end date of my tenancy and provide a receipt of such.

17. Open windows to stop condensation and mould otherwise you will be liable for any damage resulting from this.

18. I have been advised of the necessity to get my own insurance whilst a tenant/s.

19. No pets allowed unless stated in this agreement.

20. The tenancy will terminate at 4pm on the end date of tenancy.

21. I agree to allow perspective new tenants through immediately after I have given notice of termination of my tenancy.

22. I agree unconditionally to receive all communication via txt including any notices under the RTA

23. If the property is put on the market for sale I agree to allow access & open homes with 48 hrs notice in writing/txt/email

24. I agree unconditionally to photos being taken for inspection purposes.

25. Inspections will be every month/three months with up to 7 days notice which I approve to receive by text message.

26. Any damage caused by the tenant/s or the tenant/s visitors is to be fixed immediately and at their own expense.

27. The tenant/s agrees to not permit anyone under the age of 18 years of age to reside at the property unless they are the tenant’s dependants.

28. I authorize unconditionally for a detection monitor / tests to be installed / completed for the detection of illegal drugs and Methamphetamine at the owner’s sole discretion.

29. Any maintenance issues that may arise must be notified to the owner immediately

30. The number of tenant/s to legally reside at the premises is _____ and the tenant/s agree to seek approval from the Landlord/Owner BEFORE any additional persons reside at the premises i.e. as a paying tenant (sharing costs), boarders or the like otherwise termination proceedings of the tenancy will apply.

31. I agree unconditionally for any outstanding rent or judgments made against me from any court whilst I was a tenant will incur interest costs at the current bank business overdraft rate calculated daily from the date when payment was due, until made in full as well as any collection charges, legal fees, salvage charges, storage costs and any other costs in the event of late payment of any court judgment made against me/I

32. I agree unconditionally for Real Estate New Zealand Ashburton to hold my personal information and authorize any person or company to provide Real Estate New Zealand Ashburton with any information required to determine my whereabouts, my credit worthiness, to disclose my details for fines enforcement purposes and to obtain the balance of any fines in default, to furnish to any third party my payment habits and trend details or of my tenancy and any future dealings I/we may have and as a result of my tenancy. I understand that this information is collected for the purpose of establishing my credit rating and any debt owed through any court judgment against me.